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  1. ASKYBLOCK - Problème d'île

    Non ça ne marche pas je veux que ce qui n'est pas compté de l'ile c'est a dire les parties hors l'ile de Dexys, sois dans le /is level  
  2. Bonjour, Suite a un ancien poste, j'ai oublié de demander ceci :   I. Augmenter les blocs maximum de l'île.   Mon titre n'est pas très clair, je voudrai que notre île sois infini, donc pas qu'il y est "Ile protégée...". Parce que si on construit en dehors de l'île ce qu'on construit en dehors n'est pas compté dans le /is level. Et je ne veux pas reset mon île déjà commencée. J'ai essayé plusieurs chose qui n'on pas fonctionné.   MA CONFIG DE ASKYBLOCK :   ############################################################################# # Config for ASkyBlock V3.0.7 # Maintainer: tastybento # It is recommended that you check at least these settings: # # 1. island distance - the distance between islands. If upgrading set to what you had. # If you change island distance, you MUST reset the world. # 2. resetmoney (general section) - set to true so that everyone starts with nothing # 3. islandLevel (general section) - the height you want your islands to float # 4. protectionRange - how big a player's island is at the start # ############################################################################## ##### Island Related Settings ##### island: # Space between islands in blocks - NEVER change this mid-game. # Values for a new world: # 400 - puts players distance enough that they usually cannot see each other # 200 - allows some expansion of the protected zone (recommended) # 110 - for compatibility with established worlds. Cozy. # 50 - minimum - not recommended # IF YOU ARE UPGRADING YOU MUST USE YOUR OLD VALUE EXACTLY, E.G., 110 # OR RESET YOUR WORLD # Value must be an even number distance: 5000000 # Default protection range (even number). Min = 0, Recommended = 100 # Larger values will take longer to calculate the island level # Admins can change protection sizes for players individually using /asadmin setrange # or set this permission: askyblock.island.range.<number> # For optimal performance, keep protection range at leat 16 blocks less than distance. protectionRange: 50000000 # Start islands at these coordinates. This is where new islands will start in the # world. These must be a factor of your island distance, but the plugin will auto # calculate the closest location on the grid. Islands develop around this location # both positively and negatively in a square grid. # If none of this makes sense, leave it at 0,0. startx: 0 startz: 0 # Sea level height (don't changes this mid-game unless you delete the world) # Minimum is 0, which means you are playing sky block! # If sea level is less than about 10, then players will drop right through it # if it exists. Makes for an interesting variation on skyblock. sealevel: 0 # Island level - the height of the island. # Lowest level is 5 islandlevel: 20000 #How many resets a player is allowed (override with /asadmin clearreset <player> #Value of -1 means unlimited, 0 means hardcore - no resets. #Example, 2 resets means they get 2 resets or 3 islands lifetime resetlimit: 2 #How long a player must wait before they can reset their island again in second resetwait: 300 #The number of seconds to wait for confirmation of a reset resetconfirmwait: 10 #How long a player must wait until they can rejoin a team island after being #kicked in minutes. This slows the effectiveness of players repeating challenges #by repetitively being invited to a team island. invitewait: 60 # Default max team size # Use this permission to set for specific user groups: askyblock.team.maxsize.<number> # Permission size cannot be less than the default. maxteamsize: 4 # Island level calculation cool down in seconds levelwait: 60 # Items that will be in the chest when the player starts an island # Must be in Bukkit Materials format. Format is <Material>:<Qty> # or <Material>:<Data>:<Qty> # Use <Data> to set the durability of a item or to select sub-items/colors. # # Spawn Eggs must be defined by name, e.g., MONSTER_EGG:PIG # # The format for POTIONS is as follows: # # Format POTION:NAME:<LEVEL>:<EXTENDED>:<SPLASH/LINGER>:QTY # LEVEL, EXTENDED, SPLASH, LINGER are optional. # LEVEL is a number, 1 or 2 # LINGER is for V1.9 servers and later # Examples: # POTION:STRENGTH:1:EXTENDED:SPLASH:1 # POTION:INSTANT_DAMAGE:2::LINGER:2 # POTION:JUMP:2:::1 # POTION:WEAKNESS::::1 - any weakness potion # # Valid potion names are: # WATER, REGEN, SPEED, FIRE_RESISTANCE, POISON, INSTANT_HEAL, NIGHT_VISION, WEAKNESS, # STRENGTH, SLOWNESS, JUMP, INSTANT_DAMAGE, WATER_BREATHING, INVISIBILITY # For V1.9 these are also available: # LUCK, MUNDANE, THICK, AWKWARD # # Check console for errors and guidance after reloading configuration # Schematics can override this - see schematicsection chestItems: 'ICE:2 MELON:1 TORCH:2 BONE:1 LAVA_BUCKET:1 PUMPKIN_SEEDS:1 SUGAR_CANE:1 RED_MUSHROOM:1 BROWN_MUSHROOM:1 CACTUS:1 BREAD:1 WHEAT:1 LEATHER_BOOTS:1 LEATHER_HELMET:1 LEATHER_CHESTPLATE:1 LEATHER_LEGGINGS:1' # Default island companion. Set schematic-specific companions in the schematicsection # Recommended are: COW, PIG, SHEEP, CHICKEN, VILLAGER, HORSE, IRON_GOLEM, OCELOT, # RABBIT, WOLF, LLAMA or NOTHING. Default is COW. companion: COW # Default list of names, picked at random that will apply to the companion # You can add more if you like. If none are listed, the companion will not be # named. # Set schematic-specific companion names in the schematicsection companionnames: - "&9[player]'s cow" - "&cEmergency &fFood?" - "&aD&6a&di&6s&9y" # Island naming # Only players with the askyblock.island.name permission can name their island # It is displayed in the top ten and enter and exit announcements # It replaces the owner's name. Players can use & for color coding. # These set the minimum and maximum size of a name. minnamelength: 0 maxnamelength: 20 # Players with askyblock.islandfly permission can fly on their island. This setting is # how many seconds the player keeps fly mode while flying outside his island before it # is removed (and they fall). # Negative value will be considered as 0. flytimeoutside: 0 # The permissions listed below will be given to the player while he is inside his island. # They will be automatically revoked when he leaves his island. islandtemporaryperms: #- "amazing.permission" # System settings - these cannot be changed by players, only viewed # Allow Enderman Griefing (default is to allow, see next setting) allowendermangriefing: true # Make enderman drop the block he is holding if he dies (recommended) endermandeathdrop: true # Allow creeper explosion damage to block (explosion still hurts) allowcreeperdamage: true # Allow visitors to use creeper explosions to grief islands allowcreepergriefing: false # Allow TNT damage to blocks (stops players using TNT to destroy other's islands) allowtntdamage: false # Allow fire extinguishing by visitors allowfireextinguish: false # Allow chests to be blown up by creepers or TNT allowchestdamage: false # Allow visitors to keep their items if they die allowvisitorkeepinvondeath: false # Allow pistons to push outside of the protected area (maybe to make bridges) allowpistonpush: true # Allow mob projectiles to damage item frames (skeleton arrows, shulker shots) allowitemframedamage: false # General Settings general: # Name of the world - if it does not exist then it will be generated worldName: ASkyBlock # Default language for new players. # This is the filename in the locale folder without .yml. # If this does not exist, the default en-US will be used. defaultlanguage: fr-FR # Check for updates - this will tell Ops and the console if there is a new # version available. It contacts dev.bukkit.org to request the latest version # info. It does not download the latest version or change any files checkupdates: true # ASkyBlock uses commands for some of its fonctionnalities (action bar, titles). # It used to silence them automatically by executing "/minecraft:gamerule sendCommandFeedback false", # however, you can toggle here this feature. silencecommandfeedback: true # Show enter/exit notices in Action Bar (11.1+) # Only shows if notices are enabled in settings showinactionbar: true # Maximum number of islands. Set to 0 for unlimited. # If the number of islands is greater than this number, no new islands will be # allowed maxIslands: 0 # Use the control panel as the default display for /island # /island will always create an island if one does not exist # If the control panel is not used, then /island will teleport the player home # Players can change this setting using /island cp on or /island cp off usecontrolpanel: false # Create Nether - if this is false, the nether world will not be made and access to # the nether will not occur. Other plugins may still enable # portal usage. # Note: Some challenges will not be possible if there is no nether. # Note that with a standard nether all players arrive at the same portal and entering a # portal will return them back to their islands. createnether: true # New island-style nether. Change to false for standard nether newnether: true # Nether trees are made if a player grows a tree in the nether (gravel and glowstone) nethertrees: true # Make the new nether roof, if false, there is nothing up there # Change to false if lag is a problem from the generation netherroof: true # Nether spawn protection radius - this is the distance around the nether spawn # that will be protected from player interaction (breaking blocks, pouring lava etc.) # Minimum is 0 (not recommended), maximum is 100. Default is 25. # Only applies to standard nether. netherspawnradius: 25 # Calculate level on login # If true, the plugin will run the level command for the player when they login # If the command is busy, it will fail silently loginlevel: false #Commands to run when the player resets their island (uncomment and customize) # [player] is the player name of who is reseting # If the command is proceeded by [SELF] the command will be run as that player # E.g., - "[SELF] kit tools" resetcommands: #- "kit tools [player]" #- "some other command" # Commands to execute when player leaves a team, either by leaving or being kicked # Commands will execute even if the player is offline, so may cause errors in # the console if the commands doesn't make sense leavecommands: #- "kit tools [player]" #- "some other command" # Commands to execute when a player starts a new island for the first time - NOT a reset startcommands: #- "asadmin lock [player]" #- "[SELF] balance" #- "some other command" # Commands to execute when a player joins a new team island (does /island accept) teamstartcommands: #- "[SELF] balance" #- "some other command" # Visitor banned commands: Visitors to islands cannot use these commands visitorbannedcommands: - spawner - spawnmob # PVP cooldown in seconds. Players cannot toggle PVP off and on until this timeout pvpcooldown: 60 # Invincible visitors - Prevent players from killing them (intentionally or by accident) # If they fall to the void, they get TP'd to their island. invinciblevisitors: false # Only used if invinciblevisitors is set to TRUE # This allow you to customize what kind of damage visitors should not receive # If you want visitors to receive a listed damage, put a "#" at the start of the line # See this for more info about options : https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/event/entity/EntityDamageEvent.DamageCause.html invinciblevisitorsoptions: - BLOCK_EXPLOSION - CONTACT - CUSTOM - DROWNING - ENTITY_ATTACK - ENTITY_EXPLOSION - FALL - FALLING_BLOCK - FIRE - FIRE_TICK - LAVA - LIGHTNING - MAGIC - POISON - PROJECTILE - STARVATION - SUFFOCATION - THORNS - WITHER # 1.9+ only - DRAGON_BREATH - FLY_INTO_WALL # 1.10+ only - HOT_FLOOR # 1.11+ only - CRAMMING # Acid Section - for AcidIsland, but can be used in ASkyBlock as well. # # Acid damage to player per second by being in acid if they have no armor on. # A fully health player has 20 health points. Players will regen some health # so the default will give players about 3 seconds to get out the acid # 0 = no damage, 10 = default damage, 20 = instant death aciddamage: 0 # Damage that monsters will experience. mobaciddamage: 0 # Damage that rain does. raindamage: 0 # Damage that animals will experience in acid. animaldamage: 0 # Damage chickens in acid - true or false - chickens tend to go swimming... damagechickens: false # Destroy items in water after this many seconds. Timing is variable and may occur # up to 2x this time. If 0, items will not be removed. Acid damage does not need to # be on for this setting to work. i.e., it'll work with water too. # Items fizz when they are destroyed. itemdestroyafter: 0 # Ops receive damage from acid (Set to true if you want Ops to play properly) damageops: false # Armor protection. # Protect players from acid rain if they have a helmet on helmetprotection: true # Protect players from all acid if they have a full set of armor on fullarmorprotection: false # Damage type to apply in addition to acid damage # Types can be : SLOW, SLOW_DIGGING, CONFUSION,BLINDNESS, HUNGER, WEAKNESS and POISON # If you just want these to act, then make the acid damage 0 above # Note - these are potion effects and so can be cured by milk damagetype: #-confusion # Removing mobs - this kills all monsters in the vicinity. Benefit is that it helps # players return to their island if the island has been overrun by monsters # Con is that it kills any mob grinders # Remove mobs when logging in loginremovemobs: true # Remove mobs when /island. islandremovemobs: false # Mob white list - these mobs will NOT be removed when logging in or doing /island mobwhitelist: - WITHER - ENDERMAN - PIG_ZOMBIE #- ZOMBIE_VILLAGER # Sets the limit for number of monsters that can spawn in a chunk in this world. # Note: this does not limit the number of monsters, just how many spawn naturally. # Note: If set to a negative number the world will use the server-wide spawn limit instead. monsterspawnlimit: 100 # Sets the limit for number of animals that can spawn in a chunk in this world. # Note: If set to a negative number the world will use the server-wide spawn limit instead. animalspawnlimit: 15 # Animal breeding limits - if this is set to more than 0, then players will not be able # to breed more animals than that number on their island. A value of zero means no # limit. Note that animals will not be killed or reduced to this limit. # This WILL affect mobspawn blocks AND spawn egg use. Note that hearts will # still appear, but breeding will not happen. # Limit includes nether island if nether islands are active. breedinglimit: 0 # Sets the limit for number of water animals [squid] that can spawn in a chunk in this world. # Note: If set to a negative number the world will use the server-wide spawn limit instead. # Max is 100 wateranimalspawnlimit: 15 # Villager limit - this is per team player, so an island of 4 will have 4x this number # Note that 10 villagers minimum are required to create an iron farm. Zero is unlimited. villagerlimit: 10 # General entity limiting # Use this section to limit how many entities can be added to an island. # 0 means the item will be blocked from placement completely. # Uncomment to set the limit. The numbers are just suggested values. # The limit is per-world, so a hopper limit of 30 means up to 30 in the overworld and # up to 30 in the nether. entitylimits: # Mobs, animals and other living entities #BAT: 10 #BLAZE: 10 #BOAT: 10 #CAVE_SPIDER: 10 #CHICKEN: 10 #COW: 10 #CREEPER: 10 #DONKEY: 10 #ENDERMAN: 10 #HORSE: 10 #HUSK: 10 #IRON_GOLEM: 10 #LLAMA: 10 #MAGMA_CUBE: 10 #MULE: 10 #MUSHROOM_COW: 10 #OCELOT: 10 #PIG: 10 #PIG_ZOMBIE: 10 #POLAR_BEAR: 10 #RABBIT: 10 #SHEEP: 10 #SKELETON: 10 #SKELETON_HORSE: 10 #SLIME: 10 #SNOWMAN: 10 #SPIDER: 10 #SQUID: 10 #STRAY: 10 #WITCH: 10 #WITHER: 10 #WITHER_SKELETON: 10 #WOLF: 10 #ZOMBIE: 10 #ZOMBIE_HORSE: 10 #ZOMBIE_VILLAGER: 10 # These are the ONLY blocks that can be limited (because they are entities). #BANNER: 20 #ITEM_FRAME: 30 #FURNACE: 10 #CHEST: 50 #TRAPPED_CHEST: 50 #ENDER_CHEST: 1 #JUKEBOX: 5 #DISPENSER: 5 #DROPPER: 5 #SIGN: 10 #MOB_SPAWNER: 10 #NOTE_BLOCK: 5 #ENCHANTMENT_TABLE: 5 #BEACON: 12 #SKULL: 50 #DAYLIGHT_DETECTOR: 10 HOPPER: 30 #REDSTONE_COMPARATOR: 30 #FLOWER_POT: 20 #PAINTING: 5 #ARMOR_STAND: 5 #BREWING_STAND: 20 # Islands below this level will be removed if they are abandoned and admins issue the purge command abandonedislandlevel: 10 # Maximum number of islands to purge in one go. Don't make this too big because if you # stop the server mid run, you may end up with incompletely deleted islands maxpurge: 500 ##### Economy ###### # Use economy or not. If true, an economy plugin is required. If false, # no money is used or give and the mini-shop is disabled. # If there is no economy plugin present anyway, money will be automatically # disabled. useeconomy: true # Reset Money - if this is true, will reset the player's money to # the starting money (see below) when they start an island or reset # Recommendation is that this is set to true, but if you run multi-worlds # make sure your economy handles multi-worlds too. resetmoney: false # Use the minishop or not useminishop: true # Starting money - this is how much money new players will have as their # balance at the start of an island. startingmoney: 10.00 # Reset Challenges - if this is true, player's challenges will reset when they # reset an island or if they are kicked or leave a team. Prevents exploiting the # challenges by doing them repeatedly. resetchallenges: false # Reset inventory - if true, the player's inventory will be cleared when they start # or restart and island. Default is true. # Note: if you have MultiInv running or a similar inventory control plugin, that # plugin may still reset the inventory when the world changes. resetinventory: true # Allow kicked players to keep their inventory. # If false, kicked player's inventory will be thrown at the island leader if the # kicked player is online and in the island world. kickedkeepinv: false # Kicked or leaving players lose resets # Players who leave a team will lose an island reset chance # If a player has zero resets left and leaves a team, they cannot make a new # island by themselves and can only join a team. # Leave this true to avoid players exploiting free islands leaversloseresets: true # Reset Ender Chest - if true, the player's Ender Chest will be cleared when they # start or restart their island. Default is false. # NOTE: Ender Chests span worlds, so it will clear ALL chests. In general, # Enderchests should not be allowed in ASkyblock unless you only run the ASkyblock # world. Ender Chest crafting and use is governed by the askyblock.craft.enderchest # permission. resetenderchest: false # Allow /island teleport when falling. If set to false, all teleporting is # disabled until death from the void or until you hit something. # See commands that this will block too # Using "*" (with quotes) will block ALL commands when falling allowfallingteleport: true blockingcommands: - home #- anotherCommand #- andAnotherOne #- "*" # Broadcast 1st time challenge completion messages to all players. # Change to false if the spam becomes too much. broadcastmessages: true # Remove non-repeatable challenges from the challenge GUI when complete removecompleteonetimechallenges: false # Add enchanted glow to completed challenges addcompletedglow: true # Default maximum number of homes a player can have. Min = 1 # Accessed via sethome <number> or go <number> # Use this permission to set for specific user groups: askyblock.island.maxhomes.<number> maxhomes: 1 # Make island if player teleports to the island world and does not have one makeislandifnone: false # Immediately teleport player to their island (home 1 if it exists) when # entering the world immediateteleport: false # Have player's respawn on their island if they die respawnonisland: false # Team Chat # This enables player to set is so their chat goes to their team mates only # using the /island teamchat command. # The prefix [Team Chat] that goes in front of team chats is in the locale files teamchat: true # Set this to true will log all messages sent in TeamChats to console # If set to false, it won't be logged. logteamchat: true # Variables to use as chat prefixes. You can change them to be what you want. # {ISLAND_LEVEL} is replaced by the player's island level. # {ISLAND_CHALLENGE_LEVEL} is replaced by the player's challenge level. # {ISLAND_PLAYER} is replaced by the player's display name # Confirmed to work with Essentials Chat, Multiverse Core. # Do not use these in PEX prefixes - it doesn't work. chatlevelprefix: "{ISLAND_LEVEL}" chatchallengelevelprefix: "{ISLAND_CHALLENGE_LEVEL}" chatislandplayer: "{ISLAND_PLAYER}" # Displays the island level {ISLAND_LEVEL} with a XX.Xk pattern in chat # e.g : [23.5k] instead of [23562] fancylevelinchat: false # Restrict Wither and other flying mobs # Any flying mobs that exit the island space where they were spawned will be removed. # Includes blaze and ghast. restrictwither: true # Warp Restriction - needed levels to be able to create a warp # 0 or negative values will disable this restriction # 10 is default warplevelrestriction: 10 # Warp panel - GUI for welcome warp signs. If set to false, old-style # text will be used usewarppanel: true # Mute death messages mutedeathmessages: false # How often the grid will be saved to file in mins. Default is 5 minutes. # This helps prevent issues if the server crashes. Grid is also saved at important # points in the game backupduration: 5 # Allow pushing - only applicable in 1.9 and above. Setting is for all worlds! # If you have another scoreboard plugin, it may not work. # If true, players can push each other (default 1.9 behavior) if false, # players will not be able to push. Recommendation is to leave this true. allowpushing: true # Recover super flat - if the generator does not run for some reason, you can get # super flat chunks (grass). To remove automatically, select this option. Turn off # if there are no more because it may cause lag. # This will regenerate any chunks with bedrock at y=0 when they are loaded recoversuperflat: false # Allow coops to be permanent # If you change this, change the text in the locale files about coop ending due to # log out. persistentcoops: false # Only allow the island leader to coop players. # Island members wont be able to coop other players. onlyleadercancoop: false # Below you can list all account names that ASkyBlock will ignore for some protection. # Configure it at your own risk!! # This option is mainly for compatibility with mods. fakeplayers: # - [CoFH] # - [BuildCraft] # Allow obsidian to be scooped up with an empty bucket back into lava # This only works if there is a single block of obsidian (no obsidian within 10 blocks) # Recommendation is to keep this true so that newbies don't bother you or reset their # island unnecessarily. allowobsidianscooping: true # By default, island top ten (/is top) is displayed as a GUI. # If this option is set to TRUE, the top ten will be displayed # in chat, like in older versions (up to V3.0.3.3), which can # be a little spammy. # Recommendation is to keep this false. islandtopteninchat: false # Toggle Magic Cobblestone Generator # If set to true, a cobble generator will not just generate cobblestone, but # also blocks you have specified. # Default is false, because it highly changes the gameplay. usemagiccobblegen: false # If set to true, Magic Cobblestone Generator will only work at spawn # Beware! Spawn MUST be in the same world that islands to work. magiccobblegenonlyatspawn: false # This won't be considered if usemagiccobblegen is set to false. # You can add, remove a block or modify its probability to be generated. # You can also set different probabilities from specified minimum levels magiccobblegenchances: # These probabilities will apply by default default: COBBLESTONE: 75.0 STONE: 10.0 COAL_ORE: 7.5 IRON_ORE: 5.0 DIAMOND_ORE: 2.0 EMERALD_ORE: 0.5 #These probabilities will apply if island level is higher than 500. 500: COBBLESTONE: 50.0 STONE: 20.0 COAL_ORE: 10.0 IRON_ORE: 10.0 REDSTONE_ORE: 5.0 DIAMOND_ORE: 4.0 EMERALD_ORE: 1.0 # Disable redstone operation on islands unless a team member is online. # This may reduce lag but it can cause problems with visitors needing to use a redstone system. # Default is false disableofflineredstone: false # Disable piston pushing of TNT. There is a glitch in 1.9.4 that enables unlimited # TNT creation with this. Default is allowed, set to false if you need it off. allowTNTpushing: true # Config.yml version. DO NOT EDIT. This number only changes if the latest # plugin config has been updated. If a new config is detected, it will be # auto-saved to config.new.yml. version: 3.0.7 # Protection settings protection: # Protection Setting Flags: # ACID_DAMAGE, ANVIL, ARMOR_STAND, BEACON, BED, BREAK_BLOCKS, BREEDING, BREWING, # BUCKET, COLLECT_LAVA, COLLECT_WATER, CHEST, CHORUS_FRUIT, CRAFTING, CROP_TRAMPLE, # DOOR, EGGS, ENCHANTING, ENDER_PEARL, ENTER_EXIT_MESSAGES, FIRE, FIRE_EXTINGUISH, # FIRE_SPREAD, FURNACE, GATE, HORSE_INVENTORY, HORSE_RIDING, HURT_MOBS, LEASH, # LEVER_BUTTON, MOB_SPAWN, MUSIC, PLACE_BLOCKS, PORTAL, PRESSURE_PLATE, PVP, # MILKING, NETHER_PVP, REDSTONE, SPAWN_EGGS, SHEARING, VILLAGER_TRADING, # VISITOR_ITEM_DROP, VISITOR_ITEM_PICKUP # # Players can be given the ability to change settings in the GUI with permissions # e.g. askyblock.settings.PVP or all settings with askyblock.settings.* # Permissions are not case sensitive. # # -- World defaults -- # Applies everywhere and are the default for islands and spawn. # If not listed, default is false. # Changing a setting here will only affect new islands. Use /asadmin settingsreset # to reset individual or all settings across all islands. See /asadmin settingsreset help. world: # Acid causes damage above sea-level (if acid is active) ACID_DAMAGE: true # Allow anvil use ANVIL: false # Allow armor stand use (1.8+ only) ARMOR_STAND: false # Allow beacon use BEACON: false # Allow bed use BED: false # Players can break blocks or generally damage things BREAK_BLOCKS: false # Allow animal breeding BREEDING: false # Allow use of cauldrons and brewing stands BREWING: false # Allow use of buckets, either fill or dump them BUCKET: false # Collect Lava (overrides BUCKET setting for collecting lava) COLLECT_LAVA: false # Collect water (overrides BUCKET setting for collecting water) COLLECT_WATER: false # Allow access chests of any kind, droppers, dispensers and hoppers CHEST: false # Allow eating or use of chorus fruit CHORUS_FRUIT: false # Allow use of crafting benches CRAFTING: true # Allow creepers to hurt players (but not damage blocks) CREEPER_PAIN: true # Allow crop trampling CROP_TRAMPLE: false # Allow use of doors or trapdoors. Not including redstone activations. DOOR: true # Allow chicken egg throwing EGGS: false # Allow use of enchanting tables ENCHANTING: true # Allow enderpearl throwing ENDER_PEARL: false # Enable or disable join/leave messages from the player's island ENTER_EXIT_MESSAGES: false # Allow fire (flint & steel use, TNT priming) Making portals is allowed. FIRE: false # Can extinguish fires by punching them FIRE_EXTINGUISH: false # Allow fire spreading FIRE_SPREAD: false # Allow furnace use FURNACE: true # Allow gate use GATE: false # Allow horse/llama inventory use - only works when riding is enabled HORSE_INVENTORY: false # Allow riding of horses/llamas HORSE_RIDING: false # Allow friendly mob hurting(cows etc.) HURT_MOBS: false # Allow monsters hurting HURT_MONSTERS: true # Allow leash use LEASH: false # Allow lever or button use LEVER_BUTTON: true # Cows can be milked MILKING: true # Animals, etc. can spawn naturally MOB_SPAWN: true # Allow monsters to spawn naturally MONSTER_SPAWN: true # Allow use of jukeboxes and note blocks MUSIC: false # Allow PVP in the nether world NETHER_PVP: false # Players can place blocks PLACE_BLOCKS: true # Allow portal use PORTAL: true # Allow pressure plate activation by players PRESSURE_PLATE: true # Allow PVP in the overworld PVP: false # Allow adjustment of diodes or comparators REDSTONE: false # Spawn eggs can be used SPAWN_EGGS: false # Allow sheep shearing SHEARING: false # Allow trading with villagers VILLAGER_TRADING: true # Allow item drop VISITOR_ITEM_DROP: true # Allow item pickup VISITOR_ITEM_PICKUP: true # -- Island Settings -- # Settings for islands. Some are for visitors, some for the island itself. # If setting is not listed, it will not show in GUI and the world default will be used. # Add settings here to give the player the ability to see them in the GUI. Give the # player the permission for the setting for them to be able to change the setting. island: # Allow visitor anvil use ANVIL: true # Allow visitor armor stand use (1.8+ only) ARMOR_STAND: false # Allow visitor beacon use BEACON: false # Allow visitor bed use BED: false # Allow visitor block breaking, or other damage BREAK_BLOCKS: false # Allow visitor animal breeding BREEDING: false # Allow visitor use of cauldrons and brewing stands BREWING: false # Allow visitor access chests of any kind, droppers, dispensers and hoppers CHEST: false # Allow visitors to use crafting benches CRAFTING: true # Allow visitor use of doors or trapdoors. Not including redstone activations. DOOR: true # Allow visitor chicken egg throwing EGGS: false # Allow visitors to use enchanting tables ENCHANTING: true # Allow visitor furnace use FURNACE: true # Allow gate use GATE: true # Allow use of jukeboxes and note blocks MUSIC: false # Allow portal use by visitors PORTAL: true # Allow pressure plate activation by visitors (players only) PRESSURE_PLATE: false # Allow adjustment of diodes or comparators REDSTONE: false # Allow visitors to shear sheep SHEARING: false # This section contains the biomes that can be bought or used biomesettings: # The default cost for changing biome. Can be over-ridden by the Biome settings # Default is 100 if this is not set. Cannot be <0. defaultcost: 100 # Default biome - what every player will start with. Default is PLAINS. See below # for other options defaultbiome: PLAINS # List of biomes and their settings. # Cost - cost in currency to change to that biome # permission - the permission required to use that biome # If the biome is not listed, it is not available # icon = icon used in control panel # friendlyname = A friendly name for the biome. If it does not exist, the official # biome name will be used with pretty formatting. Mostly this is just used to convert # Hell to Nether # description = a description of the biome and what it gives the player # remove ice/water/snow - will be done once when the biome is made biomes: COLD_BEACH: icon: SAPLING friendlyname: "&bCold &eBeach" description: "&bSnowy and cold.|&bBrrr." # Perms can be any string you like! #permission: any.perm.you.want DESERT: icon: DEAD_BUSH friendlyname: "&eDesert" description: "&eA dry desert.|&eWarning - Ice or|&esnow have to go." #permission: any.perm.you.want # Change MUTATED_FOREST to FLOWER_FOREST if you use an old server version MUTATED_FOREST: icon: RED_ROSE friendlyname: "&aFlower Forest" description: "Trees and flowers!" #permission: any.perm.you.want HELL: icon: LAVA_BUCKET cost: 1000 # Note, this permission can be anything you like permission: askyblock.biomes.hell friendlyname: "&cNether" description: "&eWarning - all water,|&esnow and ice will|&ebe removed." JUNGLE: icon: VINE friendlyname: "&2Jungle" description: "&aLush jungle.|&aWarning - Ice or|&asnow have to go." #permission: any.perm.you.want MUSHROOM_ISLAND: icon: RED_MUSHROOM # Note, this permission can be anything you like permission: askyblock.biomes.mushroom_island friendlyname: "&cMushroom island" description: "&cMushrooms" PLAINS: icon: GRASS description: Plain plains! cost: 0 #permission: any.perm.you.want SWAMPLAND: icon: WATER_LILY friendlyname: "&eSwampland" description: "&2Swampy.|&eWarning - Ice or|&esnow have to go." #permission: any.perm.you.want MESA: icon: HARD_CLAY friendlyname: "&eMesa" description: "&4Rare dry, desert biome.|&4Warning - Ice or|&4snow have to go." #permission: any.perm.you.want cost: 500 SAVANNA: icon: LONG_GRASS friendlyname: "&eSavanna" description: "&eFlat and dry, no rain.|&eWarning - Ice or|&esnow have to go." #permission: any.perm.you.want ROOFED_FOREST: icon: LOG friendlyname: "&l&eBlack Forest" description: "&6Woods and trees" #permission: any.perm.you.want schematicsection: # All schematics should be put in the schematics folder # Schematic panel - if more than one schematic is available to the player # Show a panel to choose. If this is false, no panel is shown and the starter # island is picked by permission. If a player has more than one permission # the island selected is undefined - the plugin will pick one. # Permissions are taken from the below schematics section even if the GUI is # not used. useschematicspanel: true # Random island, only apply when useschematicspanel is false - if set to false # the plugin will choose the first island it found with the user permissions # to generate a new island. If set to true, the plugin will generate an island # randomly from the list of all islands available to the player. chooseislandrandomly: false # Hack skeleton spawners to also spawn wither skeletons in 1.11. This helps with # older schematics that do not have explicit wither skeleton spawners. This setting # is ignored by older servers. hackskeletonspawners: false # This section lists all the schematics available # Settings are: # show - whether this island will show in the GUI or not. Typically used for partner # schematics, but can be used to temporarily hide schematics. # icon - the icon to show in the GUI. It must be a known Material # order - the priority for showing in the GUI. Lower numbers are shown first. # name - a friendly short name for the schematic. Color codes okay. # description - a longer description. Use | to split lines. Color codes okay. # filename - the filename of the schematic in the schematic folder # useDefaultChest - fill a chest on the island with the items in this config. If false # the contents will come from the schematic. # partnerSchematic - the island that will be pasted in the Nether. # biome - the biome this island should have. All pasted blocks will have this biome. # These next settings may cause lag if true. Default is false. Use judiciously. # pasteentities - if the schematic has entities in it (mobs) this will paste them. # usephysics - if true, causes lava or water to flow after being pasted. # pasteair - Only set to true if you need to paste below sea level. # permission - the permission required to use this schematic. It can be anything you like # You can add or remove from this list. If this section is missing, only the default # island works. schematics: # default heading is required default: # Icon - if this is missing or wrong, it will be a MAP icon: DIRT # Order of preference in listing order: 1 # Short name - color codes with & okay name: "The Original" # Longer description. Use | for new lines. Color codes okay. description: "Challenging|starter|island!" # Filename of the schematic in the schematic folder filename: island.schematic # Use default chest if true, or use schematic chest contents if false useDefaultChest: true # Which schematic will be used in the opposite world if newnether:true # If there is no partner, this island will be used partnerSchematic: nether #Level handicap zeros the initial island level. levelHandicap: 3 # This is the default nether island - do not remove this section! nether: # Hide or show this schematic to players in the GUI show: false icon: NETHERRACK # If the biome is HELL it is assumed this island goes in the Nether biome: HELL name: "NetherBlock Island" description: "An island in the nether|overlooked by a mob tower" filename: nether.schematic # Nether schematics should generally use the schematic chest contents useDefaultChest: false # The partner to this schematic is the default island partnerSchematic: default # Schematics can include entities (mobs) in them and if pasteentities is true, # mobs will be pasted. pasteentities: true # Usephysics causes lava or water to flow after being pasted. Change to false # if it lags usephysics: true #Level handicap zeros the initial island level. levelHandicap: 93 # Additional heading names can be anything you like, but must be unique island1: # Credit to Antal1609 for this schematic! icon: RED_ROSE order: 2 name: "Island Duo" description: "Two close islands!|Double the fun,|but a little easier.|&a[Credit] Antal1609" filename: double.schematic # Schematics can have biomes set when they are created biome: FOREST # If useDefaultChest is false, the items in the schematic will be used # If false, the default chest items will be used, or the list below useDefaultChest: true # Chest items defined here will override the default chest items. # You can set the chest items here in this list # Material:Qty, or Material:Data:Qty #chestItems: #- MELON:1 #- ICE:1 # Your island companion. Overrides the default setting. If more than one is # listed, one will be chosen at random. # Recommended choices: COW, PIG, SHEEP, CHICKEN, VILLAGER, HORSE, IRON_GOLEM, OCELOT, # RABBIT, WOLF, LLAMA or NOTHING. companion: - CHICKEN # This is a list of names, picked at random that will apply to the companion # You can add more if you like. If none are listed, the companion will not be # named. companionnames: - "&9[player]'s chicken" - "&dFree-Range Eggs" partnerSchematic: nether #permission: any.perm.you.like #Level handicap zeros the initial island level. levelHandicap: 9 # Cost - if an economy is in use, this can be used to require a fee # Only works with the schematic panel # The cost is a double and displayed in the description if [cost] is there cost: 0 # New snowy schematic extrahard: icon: OBSIDIAN order: 3 # Ski theme - a black diamond run is hard. name: "&lBlack &bDiamonds" description: "Experts only!|&aMinimal resources|&awith a few diamonds." filename: harder.schematic biome: COLD_BEACH useDefaultChest: false # Chest items defined here will override the default chest items. # You can set the chest items here in this list # Material:Qty, or Material:Data:Qty #chestItems: #- MELON:1 #- ICE:1 # Schematics that require water or lava to hover can prevent physics when pasting usephysics: false # Schematics may include entities (mobs) in them and if pasteentities is true, # mobs will be pasted. # Example: Setting this to true for this schematic will give a wolf. pasteentities: false partnerSchematic: nether #permission: any.perm.you.like # This optional block determines where the player will spawn. It must be unique in # the schematic and will be replaced by air when pasted. #spawnblock: SPONGE #Level handicap zeros the initial island level. levelHandicap: 1 # Cost - if an economy is in use, this can be used to require a fee # Only works with the schematic panel # The cost is a double and displayed in the description if [cost] is there cost: 0   Merci j'espère avoir été clair.   Cordialement,   Dexys (Mabillard)

    Bonjour ! Merci de ta réponse, en ce qui concerne le dernier point, EXIT_ENTER_MESSAGe, j'ai mis false sa le met toujours...  !  

    Bonjour,   J'ai mis le plugin AskyBlock sur mon serveur, j'aimerais pouvoir changer 2 trucs :   I. VOUS ENTREZ/QUITTEZ L'ILE DE ....   Voila j'aimerai enlever le message : "Vous entrez sur l'ile de ...", "Vous quittez l'ile de ...".   II. /IS LEVEL BUGUÉ :   Lorsque je fais /is level, j'ai le niveau de mon ile mais a côté c'est écrit (level) [10 deaths] ce qui enlève des points au /is level.   Merci pour avoir les configurations du plugin demander moi dans vos réponses.   Bien cordialement,   Mabillard (Dexys, il faut que je change mon pseud ) !
  5. Merci déjà  !   Alors pour les fautes de français vu que je pouvais pas mettre d'accents j'avais pas le choix et j'ai mis plus de 2 heures a faire ça, donc ça m'a énervé... xD.   Sinon comment mettre les accents ?
  6. D'accord merci Dartasen, merci pour tes conseils et tout géniaux Sa ne marche pas...  
  7. Ok ducoups pour ce plugin je le met sur pastebin ? Ou comment je fais ? Solution ?
  8. Je n'ai jamais réalisé de traduction au paravant
  9. Bonjour ! @como89 Merci de ta réponse alors : 1 - Mon serveur est en 1.8.8   Le plugin est la tout dernière version C'est-à-dire : 3.7.10 2 - Lien vers le plugin : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/gadgetsmenu-1-8-1-12.10885/ 3 - Voici les logs (je ne sais pas s'il y a des erreurs) :  Je n'es pas de logs pour 2017-08-07 (j'ai fais la traduction aujourd'hui).   Merci  
  10. C'est super beau bravo !   Je vous souhaite bonne chance pour votre projet !
  11. Bonjour,   J'ai effectué une traduction pour Gadgetsmenu mais le problème quand je fais /gadgetsmenu reload le plugin ne se traduit pas :   voici ma traduction je n'es pas mis d'accents ni de ' (je crois x) )   Items: Go Back: Name: '&eRetourner en arriere' Material: '262:0' Show: true Execute-Commands: Enabled: false Commands: - say {PLAYER} is going back to main menu. Lore: '' Previous Page: Name: '&ePage precedente' Material: '262:0' Lore: '' Next Page: Name: '&ePage suivante' Material: '262:0' Lore: '' Already Selected: Show in Lore: true Lore: - '' - '&7Deja pris !' Click To Select: Show in Lore: true Lore: - '' - '&eClique pour selectionner' Unlocked: Show in Lore: true Lore: - '' - '&7Debloquer: &c{HASPERMISSION}/{SIZE} &8({PERCENTAGE}%)' - '' - '&eClique pour rechercher !' MainMenu Button: Name: '&aMenu des gadgets' Material: '146:0' Show: true Lore: - '&7Poudre magique: &b{MYSTERY_DUST}' - '&7Boites magiques : &b{MYSTERY_BOXES}' - '' - '&7Amuses toi bien !' - '&7Du nouveau stuff vas etre mit' - '&7au fil du temps!' - '&a>> Merci de supporter le serveur <<' Page: Name: '&ePage' Morph Slimeball: Name: '&aActiver la transformation' Morphs Self View: Name: '&eMorphs Self View' Material: '381:0' Show: true Lore: - '&7Status: {STATUS}' - '' - '&eClique pour activer.' Settings: Name: '&eParametres' Material: '404:0' Show: true Lore: - '&7Permet de changer vos controle' - '&7et vos options personnelles.' Rename Pet: Name: '&eDonne un nom a ton animal !' Material: '421:0' Show: true Lore: - '&7Tappe le nom de ton animal dans le chat !' Reset Button: Reset Cosmetics: Name: '&cEnlever tout les gadgets' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Hat: Name: '&cEnlever un chapeau' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Particle: Name: '&cEnlever les particules' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Suit: Name: '&cEnlever les habits' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Gadget: Name: '&cEnlever les gadgets' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Pet: Name: '&cSupprimer votre animal' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Morph: Name: '&cEnlever votre transformation' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Banner: Name: '&cEnlever une banniere' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Emote: Name: '&cEnlever un Emoji' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP Reset Cloak: Name: '&cEnlever un Cloak' Material: '95:14' Show: true Lore: '' Play Sound: Enabled: true Sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP GUI-Menus: Purchase Menu: GUI-Name: Confirme la transaction Items: Confirm: Name: '&aConfirmer' Material: '159:5' Lore: '' Cancel: Name: '&cRefuser' Material: '159:14' Lore: '' Settings Menu: GUI-Name: Parametres Items: Ignore Cooldown: Name: '&aIgnorer le cooldown' Material: '161:0' Lore: '' Morphs Self View: Name: '&aVoir les transformations' Material: '381:0' Lore: '' Enabled: Name: '&aActiver' Material: '351:10' Lore: - '&7Clique pour desactiver !' Disabled: Name: '&cDesactiver' Material: '351:8' Lore: - '&7Clique pour l'activer!' Confirm Menu: GUI-Name: Confirmation Items: Open: Name: '&aOuvrir' Material: '35:13' Lore: - '&7Ouvrir une boite mystere.' - '' - '&7Aucun retour arriere possible!' Cancel: Name: '&cFermer' Material: '35:14' Lore: - '&7Retourner dans le menu des' - '&7boites mysteres.' Mystery Vault Menu: GUI-Name: Boites Mysteres Items: Mystery Boxes: Name: '&aBoites mysteres' Material: '130:0' Lore: One-Star: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir:' - '' - '&aCommun {ITEM_1}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_2}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_3}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_4}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_5}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_6}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_7}' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730&7\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&eClick pour ouvrire!' Two-Star: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir:' - '' - '&aCommun {ITEM_1}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_2}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_3}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_4}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_5}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_6}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_7}' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730&7\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&eClique pour ouvrire!' Three-Star: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir:' - '' - '&aCommun {ITEM_1}' - '&aCommun {ITEM_2}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_3}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_4}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_5}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_6}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_7}' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730&7\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&eClique pour ouvrire!' Four-Star: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir:' - '' - '&aCommun {ITEM_1}' - '&9Rare {ITEM_2}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_3}' - '&5Epique{ITEM_4}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_5}' - '&6Legendaire{ITEM_6}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_7}' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730&7\u2730" - '' - '&eClique pour ouvrire!' Five-Star: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir:' - '' - '&9Rare {ITEM_1}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_2}' - '&5Epique {ITEM_3}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_4}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_5}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_6}' - '&6Legendaire {ITEM_7}' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&eClique pour ouvrire!' Error: Name: '&cERREUR!' Material: '160:14' Lore: - '&7Vous n avez pas de &bBoites Mysteres&7!' Craft Mystery Boxes: Name: '&aCreer une Boite Mystere' Material: '145:0' Lore: - '&7Si vous voulez creer une boite mystere :' - '&7- Trouver des items.' - '&bLa poudre magique &7pour en creer une. Tu peux' - '&7- Utiliser ta Poudre Magique pour creer une Boite' - '&7Mystere pour trouver de nouveaux loots!' - '' - '&7Tu as: &b{MYSTERY_DUST} Poudres Magiques' - '&eClique pour ouvrire le menu de craft.' Gift Inventory: Name: '&aInventaire de cadeau' Texture Url: http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/d2ac1c51807e261c12c4f2adbad36b8b2c497c277f7223ec244cb4608c59c Lore: - '&7Envoyez des cadeaux' - '&7a vos amis et gagner des cadeaux en echange!' - '' - '&7Bientot sur &cEcabot&7!' Mystery Box Information: Name: '&aInformations Boites Mysteres' Material: '340:0' Lore: - '&bLes Boites Mysteres &7peuvent contenir' - '&7des gadgets, Emoji et bien d'autre' - '&bLes Boites Mysteres&7, que vous avez peuvent vous' - '&7a joueur sur le hub du serveur !' - '' - '&7Tu as: &b{MYSTERY_BOXES} Boites Mysteres !' Craft Mystery Boxes Menu: GUI-Name: Boites Mysteres Fabriques Items: 1 Star: Name: '&bBoite Mystere #1' Material: '130:0' Price: 100 Lore: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir: ' - '' - '' - '&aCommun items&7: &b4' - '&9Rare items&7: &b1' - '&5Epique items&7: &b1' - '&6Legendaire items&7: &b1' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730&7\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&7Cout: &a{COST} &7Poudre Magique' - '&aClique pour fabriquer!' 2 Star: Name: '&bBoite Mystere #2' Material: '130:0' Price: 200 Lore: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir: ' - '' - '' - '&aCommun items &7: &b3' - '&9Rare items&7: &b2' - '&5Epique items&7: &b1' - '&6Legendaire items&7: &b1' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730&7\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&7Cout: &a{COST} &7Poudre Magique' - '&aClique pour fabriquer!' 3 Star: Name: '&bBoite Mystere #3' Material: '130:0' Price: 300 Lore: - '&7Cette boite peux contenir: ' - '' - '' - '&aCommun items&7: &b2' - '&9Rare items&7: &b2' - '&5Epique items&7: &b2' - '&6Legendaire items&7: &b1' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730&7\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&7Cout: &a{COST} &7Poudre Magique' - '&aClique pour fabriquer!' 4 Star: Name: '&bBoite Mystere #4' Material: '130:0' Price: 400 Lore: - '&7Cette boite mystere peux contenir:' - '' - '' - '&aCommun items&7: &b1' - '&9Rare items&7: &b1' - '&5Epique items&7: &b2' - '&6Legendaire items&7: &b3' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730&7\u2730" - '' - '&7Cout: &a{COST} &7Mystery Dust' - '&aClique pour fabriquer' 5 Star: Name: '&bBoite mystere #5' Material: '130:0' Price: 550 Lore: - '&7Cette boite mystere peux contenir:' - '' - '' - '&aCommun items&7: &b0' - '&9Rare items&7: &b1' - '&5Epique items&7: &b2' - '&6Legendaire items&7: &b4' - '' - "&7Qualitee: &e\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730\u2730" - '' - '&7Cout: &a{COST} &7Mystery Dust' - '&aClique pour fabriquer!' Cooldown-In-Action-Bar: Enabled: true Cooldown-Block: Remain: '&c|' Retain: '&a|' Amount-Of-Blocks: 100 No-Permission: '{PREFIX}&cTu n as pas la permission : {PERMISSION}!' World-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cVous ne pouvez pas faire ca ici' Cooldown: '{PREFIX}&cTu dois attendre &b{COOLDOWN}s &capres utilisation!' Player-Not-Found: '{PREFIX}&cJoueurs non trouve!' Banners-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic banners is disabled!' Cloaks-Is-Disabled: PREFIX}&cCosmetic cloaks is disabled! Emotes-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic emotes is disabled!' Gadgets-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic gadgets is disabled!' Hats-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic hats is disabled!' Morphs-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic morphs is disabled!' Particles-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic particles is disabled!' Pets-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic pets is disabled!' Suits-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cCosmetic suits is disabled!' Select-Hat: '&eTu as choisis le chapeau {HAT}&e.' Select-Particle: '&eTu as choisis la particule{PARTICLE}&e.' Select-Gadget: '&eTu as choisis le gadget {GADGET}&e.' Select-Pet: '&eVotre animals : PET} &ea spawn.' Select-Morph: '&eTu es maintenant transforme en {MORPH}&e.' Select-Banner: '&eTu as choisis la banniere {BANNER}&e.' Select-Emote: '&eTu as choisis un Emoji {EMOTE}&e.' Select-Cloak: '&eTu as choisis{CLOAK}&e.' Select-Suit: '&eTu as choisis le vetement {SUIT}&e.' Reset-Cosmetics: '&eSuppression de vos gadgets ou autres.' Reset-Hat: '&eSuprimer votre chapeaux.' Reset-Particle: '&eSupprimer vos particules.' Reset-Gadget: '&eSupprimer votre gadgets.' Reset-Pet: '&eSupprimer votre animal.' Reset-Morph: '&eSupprimer votre transformation.' Reset-Banner: '&eSupprimer votre banniere.' Reset-Emote: '&eSupprimer votre Emoji.' Reset-Cloak: '&eSupprimer votre Cloak.' Reset-Suit: '&eSupprimer vos habits.' Is-Not-Morphed: '&cVous n etes pas transforme !' Gadget-Is-Activated: '{PREFIX}&c{GADGET} est deja actif !' Emote-Is-Activated: '{PREFIX}&cCet Emoji est deja actif !' Collided-Gadget: '{PREFIX}&cIl y a un gadget :{GADGET} &cactif ! Merci de patienter.' Rename-Pet: '&eChangement du nom de votre animal en &a{NAME}&e.' Not-Looking-At-Block: '&cVous devez regarder un block.' Target-A-Block: '{PREFIX}&cVous devez ciblez un block !' Not-Enough-Space: '{PREFIX}&cIl n y a pas assez de place autour de vous !' Not-On-Ground: '{PREFIX}&cVous devez etre sur le sol pour faire cela!' No-Player-Nearby: '{PREFIX}&cTil manque des joueurs!' Required-Number-Format: '{PREFIX}&cUn nombre est requis!' Required-Positive-Number: '{PREFIX}&cUn nombre positif est requis!' Required-LibsDisguises-And-ProtocolLib: '{PREFIX}&cProbleme.' Purchase-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cProbleme !' Failed-To-Purchase: '&cProbleme pour acheter!' Checking-For-Update: '{PREFIX}&rChecking for updates...' Error: '{PREFIX}&cUne erreur est survenue. Nous tentons de la regler.' Not-Allowed-From-Console: '&cVous ne pouvez pas utiliser cela!' Plugin-Reloaded: '{PREFIX}&3Reload du plugin...' Reloading-Plugin: '{PREFIX}&3Plugin reload !' Length-Too-Long: '{PREFIX}&cProbleme...' Rocket-Countdown: '&c&lLANCEMENT DE LA FUSEE DANS {TIMER} {SECOND}!' Rocket-Lift-Off: '&a&lNOUS AVONS VOYAGER !' Second: Seconde Seconds: Secondes Gave-Menu: '{PREFIX}&eYou''ve successfully gave a menu to &b{PLAYER}&e.' Morph-Skill-Is-Activated: '{PREFIX}&c{MORPH} est deja actif!' Not-Enough-Space-For-Target-Block: '{PREFIX}&cThere is not enough space to use this gadget on the block you targeted!' Received-Menu: '{PREFIX}&eAjout du menu dans votre inventaire!' Target-A-Player: '{PREFIX}&cTu dois cibler un joueur!' Item-Unpurchasable: '{PREFIX}&cvous ne pouvez acheter cet item...' Morphs-Self-View: '{PREFIX}&eVotre parametre sur les transformations est desormais : {STATUS}&e.' Purchased-Item: '{PREFIX}&eTu achetes : {ITEM}&e.' Player-Not-Enough-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&cTu as seulement &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &cPoudre Magique !' Added-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&eTu as fais don de &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &ePoudre Magique a &b{PLAYER}&e. Merci !' Check-MysteryDust: '&e{PLAYER} a &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &ePoudre Magique.' Received-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&eTu as recu une boite mystere : &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &e de &b{PLAYER}&e.' Removed-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&eTu as recu &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &epoudre magique de &b{PLAYER}&e.' Sent-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&eTu as fais un envoie de &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &epoudre magique a &b{PLAYER}&e.' Set-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&eTu as pris &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &epoudre magique a &b{PLAYER}&e.' Only-Have-MysteryDust: '{PREFIX}&b{PLAYER} &ca toujours &b{MYSTERY_DUST} &cpoudre magique!' Removed-MysteryDust-From-Player: '{PREFIX}&b{MYSTERY_DUST} &epoudre magique a ete supprimer de votre compte.' Not-Enough-MysteryDust-To-Purchase: '{PREFIX}&cDesoler, vous n'avez pas assez de poudre magique pour acheter cet item!' Pay-Credits-To-Self: '{PREFIX}&cVous ne pouvez pas faire cela!' Rename-Pet-In-Chat: |- &eTu as &c20 &esecondes pour tapper le nom de ton animal, dans le chat. &eTappe &2Cancel &epour retourner en arriere. Timed-Out: '&cVous avez mis trop de temps pour changer le nom de votre animal...' Cancel-Rename-Pet: '&cRetour.' Gave-Mystery-Boxes: '{PREFIX}&eTu donne une Boite Mystere &b{MYSTERY_BOXES} &f(&c{QUALITY} etoiles&f)&e a &b{PLAYER}&e.' Gave-Mystery-Boxes-To-All-Players: '{PREFIX}&eTu donne une Boite Mystere &b{MYSTERY_BOXES}&f(&c{QUALITY} etoiles&f)&e a &b{ONLINE} &ejoueur(s).' Received-Mystery-Boxes: '{PREFIX}&eTu as recu une Boite Mystere &b{MYSTERY_BOXES} &f(&c{QUALITY} etoiles&f)&e de &b{PLAYER}&e.' Added-Mystery-Vault: '{PREFIX}&aSucces de la creation de la Boite Mystere &f''{NAME}''&a.' Mystery-Vault-Same-Location: '{PREFIX}&cTu as deja creer une Boite Mystere a cette endroit!' Mystery-Vault-Is-Exists: '{PREFIX}&cErreur : elle existe deja!' Do-Not-Have-Any-Mystery-Vault: '{PREFIX}&cPas de Boite Mystere creer.' No-Mystery-Vault-Nearby: '{PREFIX}&cErreur : Pas de Mystery Box aux alentours' Removed-Mystery-Vault: '{PREFIX}&aRemove de la Boite Mystere &f''{NAME}''&a.' Mystery-Vault-Not-Found: '{PREFIX}&cImpossible de trouver une Boite Mystere ici.' Mystery-Vault-Not-Found-With-Name: '{PREFIX}&cImpossible de trouver une Boite Mystere sous le nom &f''{NAME}''&c!' Teleport-To-Mystery-Vault: '{PREFIX}&eTeleporter sur la Boite Mystere &f''{NAME}''&e.' Open-Mystery-Vault-At-A-Time: '{PREFIX}&cSeulement un joueur peux utiliser la Boite Mystere en meme temps!' Can-Only-Open-One-Mystery-Box: '{PREFIX}&cTu ne peux seulement ouvrir 1 Boite Mystere a la fois!' Purchase-Cancelled: '{PREFIX}&cRetour au Menu!' Reset-Helmet: '&eSupprimer votre Casque.' Reset-Chestplate: '&eSupprimer votre plastron.' Reset-Leggings: '&eSupprimer votre pantalon.' Reset-Boots: '&eSupprimer vos bottes.' Radius-Is-Too-Big: '{PREFIX}&cLe rayon est trop vous allez creer des bugs!' Invalid-Type: '{PREFIX}&cCe {TYPE} que vous avez entrez est invalide.' Type-Is-Not-Enabled: '{PREFIX}&cCe type : {TYPE} n est pas actif!' Mystery-Boxes-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&cBoites Mysteres en maintenances !' Suit-Ability-Is-Activated: '{PREFIX}&c{SUIT} est deja actif!' Morph-Ability-Is-Disabled: '{PREFIX}&c{MORPH} est actuellement inactif!' Play-A-Track: '&aLe morceau jouer est maintenant : &b{TRACK}&a.' Crafted-Mystery-Box: '&aTu fabriques : &b{NAME}&a.'   Merci beaucoup !  
  12. Traduction de hot patato

  13. Dé a Coudre - Problème accents - é = À@ ...

    Ok je vais essayé je te redis merci !
  14. Les commandes de mon plugin ne marchent pas

    Bonjour, J'ai changé j'ai mis l'usage mais ça ne marche pas toujours pas.  ...
  15. Les commandes de mon plugin ne marchent pas

    J'ai pas compris  !